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Studded Tires

Studded Tires in Anchorage, AK

Studded Tires in Anchorage, AK

Do you currently use one tire year round and still find that you need more traction? At Alaska Tire & Rim, we can assist you in finding studded tires at the best price. We serve customers in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Eagle River, AK, as well as surrounding areas. Be prepared for starting, stopping, and turning when winter driving conditions occur. Give us a call now at (907) 563-4398 to learn more about the studded tire brands we offer.

Tire studs look like short, fat nails with a flat head on the bottom and a tungsten pin on the top. They are inserted flat-head-down into holes molded into the tread design when the tire was manufactured. The extended fingers of a pneumatic stud gun are inserted into the molded holes and expand the tread rubber, insert the stud, and are then withdrawn. This allows the tread rubber to nearly return to its original position and press against the stud, holding it in place. Depending on tire size and tread design, there are typically 80 to 100 studs used in each tire.

Can Studs Be Removed from Snow Tires and Still Be Safely Driven?

If you are in need of new summer tires and have a limited budget, stud removal might be right for you. If your studded tires are relatively new with significant remaining tread depth (more than 7/32-inch) de-studding will be the best financial solution to get you by for several seasons. If the tires are older, with less remaining tread depth (less than 5/32-inch), the studs can still be removed to get you 1 to 2 additional seasons.

Once the studs have been removed, the tires are submerged in a water tank (as done with tires to locate punctures) or have its tread area sprayed with soapy water to confirm the absence of bubbles. The tire would then be installed on the vehicle after setting the tire inflation to the pressure indicated on the vehicle placard.

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